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Forest Green Hooded Sweatshirt

Forest Green Hooded Sweatshirt

SKU: 366615376135191

.Big Face Giants combines both comfort and style with these magnificently embroidered, high quality sweatshirts. Our designs, currently presenting Ev.1 (Evolution 1 to Infinity) have you in mind as we aim to present appealing creatives for our customers to enjoy wearing. We wish to share our unisex apparel which happens to come in men's sizes with you.


    .$55 Cleaning & Possible Restocking Fee (per item) applies on any returns. No exceptions.Due to present day conditions, specifically considering teh global pandemic, we want to keep the safety of our current and future customers in the forefront of our thoughts. Therefore, once a product is sent to you and you need to return it for any reason, we must apply a Cleaning & Possible Restocking Fee to any returned items. The return of monetary refunds may take up to six weeks in order to ensure the returned product can be cleaned to 'company standards'* in order to restock. If the said item can not be re-stocked due to not meeting cleaning standards (or was altered in any way from it's original form), the complete return amount will be forfeited. *'Company Standards' means BFG (BigFaceGiants) standards

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